Have you seen the movie Courageous? Woah, what a movie! It rocked my world. If you haven’t seen it, please go and rent it as soon as you’re done reading this blog! I’m not kidding! And if you are a Christian you really need to just go buy it – I promise you that you will watch it enough that it will pay for itself in no time! This film inspired my husband and I to seek God on a different level on behalf of our future family. After leaving the movie theater, we walked right into the local Christian bookstore and bought The Resolution for Men for Kyle and The Resolution for Women for me. These books walk you through resolutions you can make for you as you lead your family, and literally walk you into healing.

When you hear the word “resolution” you probably think of New Year’s – the day you make a decision to change your diet, lifestyle, drink more water, or whatever you feel like you should change for your health or happiness. The Resolution for Women is a devotional book that will encourage you to make thirteen resolutions with God and for Him, and the resolutions you make (if you make them) will impact the people you love.

Since I’m in a new season in my life now, one that leaves me in an interesting place emotionally and spiritually, I feel this burden on my heart to make solid resolutions for my life. I feel like whatever I learn throughout this book could be helpful to you – especially if you are Christian NAVY wife or in training to be one. Feel free to purchase your own copy of the book, follow along, and share what spoke to you throughout the chapters, too! Let’s resolve to live purposefully together!