Woah, what an INSANE week.  I mean, this week literally turned me into a borderline psychopath.  I have been waiting to go shopping for my Chicago clothes and my “trophy wife dress” that I will wear to Kyle’s NAVY graduation (the outfit he’ll see me in after not seeing me for months, no pressure! ha!) till the weekend before we fly out there.  That was NOT smart.  I built an idea up in my head about what I wanted my outfits (and specifically, my trophy wife dress) to be like from head to toe (including accessories) and it took me 2 full days of shopping, plus Monday night, Tuesday night and tonight after work hitting various malls to do the trick!  By the end of tonight, I walked by several passionate kiosk sales-people and as they tried to stop me and get me to take a sample, and I had no shame interrupting them with an assertive and somewhat loud “Not Interested” as I broke eye-contact and kept walking. Yep. I was that girl.

Anyway, I am so happy to be done shopping.  I scored some really awesome clothes at great prices and in smaller sizes! I’ve lost 35 pounds since January and I haven’t seen size 6 jeans since High School, so it was very rewarding to zip some up at Old Navy!  I bought my trophy wife dress and completed every outfit for my long (hopefully romantic and non-awkward) weekend in Chicago.  Right now I am in between laundry loads and it’s close to midnight and I am typing to stay awake.  We’re “waking up” (well at least my in-laws are, I will be up already) at 2am to get to LAX by 4am for our 6am flight.

I am pretty nervous thinking about putting all these outfits on because that means that my husband will soon be seeing me in them.  I know he will think I’m beautiful in whatever I am wearing, but I really want to feel incredibly sexy, sweet, and cute.  I want it all to be perfect – skin, makeup, hair, scent.  I have been dressing only for myself the past few months and haven’t felt the need to impress anyone, but I want to impress my husband.  I am so proud of him, and I want to feel like I’m something to be proud of, too.  I know I am, but I want him to feel like he’s showing me off.  Forgive me if that sounds vain and old-fashioned…but I love to feel delighted in by him.

Here’s a piece of advice for y’all who are preparing for your trip to Great Lakes for your sailor’s graduation: don’t wait to shop for graduation till the last weekend and don’t wait to do laundry till the day before!