Ship-out week will probably sneak up on you.  If you took my previous advice on how to prepare months in advance for your sailor’s up-coming ship-out date, then you were busy making memories.  Well, you’re not through with all of that quite yet.  Ship-out week should resemble what you’ve been doing for the past months, only exaggerated.  Honestly, the biggest piece of advice I can offer to the brave women who are about to send their man off to Great Lakes in the coming week is to keep busy.

1Plan a few parties, barbecues, hang-outs and get-togethers with all of your sailor’s favorite people.  This may be difficult for you since you’ll want him mostly to yourself, but remember he’s going to be away for weeks and this is the only time he will have to spend with him in the near future.  You can see whoever you want while he’s away so try to share him with whoever he wants to spend time with.

2Make sure that you reserve some special family time or date nights alone with your future sailor so that you’re able to connect.

3Arrange to have dinner at his favorite restaurant the night before he ships out.  He will appreciate some good cooking and company before he gets his butt kicked in Basic Training.

4Make memories with him.  Go with him to a park or go on a hike.  Take lots of pictures.

A little more wisdom…

Having plans gives you something to focus on other than your emotions, plus it’s a huge blessing to see how many people love and support your man and want to be with him during his last week as a civilian. It will make you proud to see him loved by many others.

Also, keeping busy helps you become tired and will hopefully make it easier to fall asleep.  You don’t want to add sleeplessness in this messy, emotional mix.  Believe me.