When my husband flew off to Basic Training I had no idea what to expect. When would I get my first letter? First real phone call? What time of day will he call? How long will he have to talk? When will the NAVY finally put money in our account? Here’s the details of how it happened for me. Hopefully this can give you a solid idea as to when these milestones could happen for you.

In-Processing Week

Mon, July 2: My sailor was picked up by his recruiter and taken to MEPS, then taken to the hotel so he could rest before shipping out.
Tues, July 3: My sailor was taken to MEPS for final processing, was sworn in as a United States Sailor, hopped on the bus, was taken to the airport and flew off to Basic Training in Great Lakes, Illinois. I received an eight second phone call around 9pm California time (11pm Illinois time) to let me know he made it there safely and would call me in three weeks.
Wed, July 4 – Sun, July 8: Nothing.

Week One

Mon, July 9: I received a large box shipped from Great Lakes, Illinois only to find a thick pile of papers stapled together. It was a copy of my Sailor’s contract with the US NAVY and a copy of all the other important NAVY documents that my Sailor had signed. Essentially, just papers to keep for our records.
Tues, July 10: Received a regular sized envelope from my sailor that he addressed by hand. I was super excited because I thought it was a letter. Turned out that it was a document that he filled out for me that listed his new mailing address so I could send him letters, plus his graduation date, and general information about how the NAVY runs graduation from Basic Training. Found out that my sailor would graduate on Friday, August 31 (only 7 ½ more weeks!).
Wed, July 11 – Thurs, July 12: Nothing.
Fri, July 13: First scheduled military pay-date since my sailor started Basic Training. I was planning that we would have money in our account that day and it wasn’t there.
Sat, July 14 -Sun, July 15: Nothing.

Week Two

Mon, July 16: Nothing.
Tues, July 17: Received a regular sized envelope from the NAVY Federal Credit Union that explained all of their different types of accounts. I thought it was junk mail, but my Sailor wrote me a short note that said he wanted to open an account up with this bank but wouldn’t activate it until after graduation from boot camp. I’m glad I looked through the pamphlet since I thought it was an advertisement and I almost tossed it. It was only a two sentence note about the Credit Union, but seeing his handwriting was a nice surprise!
Wed, July 18 – Sun, July 22: Nothing

Week Three

Mon, July 23: Nothing.
Tues, July 24: Nothing. It should be noted that Tuesday July 24 marked exactly 3 weeks since my sailor arrived at Basic Training. When he arrived at Basic Training, he called me and said that he’d call me in three weeks. So I was really hopeful to hear his voice that day and unfortunately he did not call.
Wed, July 25: My sailor called me for the first time for a solid 26 minutes around 6pm Illinois time! He said that I should be getting several letters soon since they mailed every sailor’s letters all on Saturday, July 21.
Thurs, July 26: Received four letters from my sailor! It took five days for them to get from Illinois to California.
Fri, July 27 – Sun, July 29: Nothing.

Week Four

Mon, July 30: Got my 5th letter today! He said that I should be getting paid on August 1 (second military pay date while in boot camp).
Tues, July 31: Nothing.
Wed, August 1: The NAVY paid us!  It was prorated (he was only paid for the days he worked) and he was paid for all of July.
Fri, August 3: Got my 6th letter!
Sat, August 4: Got my 7th letter!
Sun, August 5: Nothing.

Week Five

Mon, August 6: Nothing
Tues, August 7: Got my 8th letter!
Wed, August 8: Nothing.
Thurs, August 9: Nothing.
Fri, August 10: Got my 9th letter!
Sat, August 11: Nothing.
Sun, August 12: Nothing.

Week Six

Mon, August 13: Got my 10th letter!
Wed, August 15: The NAVY paid us for the second time (this was our third military pay-period while Kyle was in boot camp though).
Thurs, August 16: Got two letters in the morning, and two phone calls that night. They were reward calls since his division finally got their act together. It was only supposed to be one call but he ended up having another chance to call me about a half an hour later. The first call was 11 minutes and the second one was 25 minutes.
Fri, August 17: Got my 11th letter!
Sat, August 18: Nothing.
Sun, August 19: Nothing.

Week Seven

Mon, August 20: Got my 12th letter!
Tues, August 21: Nothing.
Wed, August 22: Nothing.
Thurs, August 23: Nothing.
Fri, August 24: Got to talk on the phone for 12 minutes!  It’s only one week till graduation and he’s earned more “phone liberty.”  He said he may be able to call me everyday before graduation unless his group gets in trouble.   He also said that he no longer can send mail.
Sat, August 25: Got my 13th (and last) letter. They were no longer able to send mail after he put this last letter in the post earlier this week.
Sun, August 26: No call or mail.

Week Eight

Mon, August 27: No call or mail.
Tues, August 28: No call or mail.
Wed, August 29: He called for twenty-five minutes!  He said that they had been busier than initially expected (not in trouble like I had been thinking).
Thurs, August 30: No call.  I found it NERVE RACKING to not have a phone call from him the night before his graduation.  I mean, what if our flight would have been delayed or heaven forbid, gone down?!  I thought that the NAVY would have given him one quick call to make sure we landed in Chicago safely but I was wrong.
Fri, August 31: GRADUATION DAY!