Today was my day off and let me tell you, it has been so unproductive.  When I wrote out my list of things to do today, it included many items.  ALL of those items have remained un-checked as of now, but there are some that I can add to the list and then check off (yes, I’m so that girl, don’t judge) – I caught up on “Married to Jonas,” ate lots of junk food including but not limited to massive amounts of chocolate in various forms, and started watching “Homeland” from the very first episodes.  Now I’m hooked.

Throughout the course of this totally needed lazy day my husband and I text messaged each other like we normally do.  He hasn’t been feeling well for the past couple of weeks (stuffy nose, coughing, typical cold symptoms) and he had been doing an INCREDIBLE job at sucking it up.  He doesn’t come down with the typical “man-cold” that renders most men completely useless and full of complaint.  He’s such a hard worker and he only calls in sick when he is REALLY sick.  Anyway, he had mentioned to me today that he felt really warm and uncomfortable.  He said it may be a flu or something since he was really achy, but he was working so he wanted to wait till after work to figure it out.

So around 5:30pm CA time, he sent me a message that read, “Headed to the hospital, I’m burning up.”  As you can imagine, I responded accordingly with a frantic series of text messages that included lots of questions and freaking out.  We exchanged texts throughout the remainder of the evening, and to sum it up: no strep throat, not the flu virus, definitely a high fever and body ache, so the doctors are labeling it a virus.  They gave him Tylenol to bring down the fever and discharged him.  He went back to the barracks to rest for the evening.

Times like this really make a wife feel helpless.  My husband is sick and I wasn’t there to hold his hand and keep him warm and give him the care that I know he needs.  I feel so sad and miss him so much right now. All I can do now is pray for him and hope that he feels better immediately, and offer love and help via Verizon Wireless.  Gosh, this is one of the hardest moments I’ve had since we’ve been separated while waiting for his medical waiver.  Lord, I know you’re with Kyle but please comfort me, too.