One of the best things about Kyle re-classing into this Master at Arms job is that the training is so short.  He would only be in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base for 9 weeks (2 weeks of waiting for school to start, then 7 weeks of school) and then he’d be stationed somewhere for about three years.  This was so exciting to think about since it meant that we’d get to live with each other starting in January! This may still be the case, but there could be a possible curve ball.  You’d think by now I’d be used to our plans changing in regards to Kyle’s NAVY career.  But for some reason, this curve ball hit me so hard that I stayed home from work yesterday and today.

Kyle mentioned that he really wants to work with NAVY dogs in his Master at Arms job.  Many people have told him that he should try to get the MWD (Military Working Dogs) job since it’s really fun and he’d get to work alongside these sweet, smart dogs and tackle crime together.  This job is only offered to the top students in his A-School if there’s even a demand for that specialization at that time.  But Kyle decided that if it’s offered to him he plans to take it.  When Kyle told me about this on Monday, he was guessing that the C-School for MWD would only be like 3-4 additional weeks.  I was truly supportive.  I was happy that he sounded pumped about doing something fun for work, even if it meant waiting 3-4 more weeks before we could live together again.

Well, yesterday Kyle found out that the C-School for working with the dogs is 11 weeks.  I did the math.  That’s 2.75 months more of NOT living with my husband if he gets selected.

So, I did some more math:

Kyle left me in California to head out for Boot Camp on July 1.

I saw him was his graduation on August 31 for 4 days.

The next time I will see him is Thanksgiving.  We’re hoping for 4 days.

If he gets selected for C-School, we’re hoping to see each other at Christmas 5 days.

Then I wouldn’t see him again till sometime in March when he would be stationed to live somewhere with me.

Let’s recap, shall we? That’s a total of THIRTEEN DAYS I will have spent with my husband in NINE MONTHS.

After looking at these numbers, I became depressed.  I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday, slept in them last night, and hey guess what? I’m still in them now.  I know that’s disgusting.  I’m so not this girl.  But I have been avoiding thinking about my life these past two days.  Taking naps (or trying to), eating, watching TV and playing games on my phone have been great company as I try not to focus on how genuinely sad I am.  I know it’s only 2.75 more months, but when you break the numbers down like that, I think any woman with a heart would feel somewhat how I am feeling now.  I will be happy for Kyle if he does get this MWD job, I really will.  I just am so sick over not living with the man I married.  Here’s to another episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” or what I’ve cleverly re-named “Barney & Friends.”  Maybe I should take his advice?