As you may recall, Kyle’s job recently changed and now we will be able to live with one another in December!  After that amazing fact sank in, it hit me: I’ve been in Corona almost the entire time!  I’ve been busy with working for the Pediatrics office and have had the pleasure of making some new friends and spending time with Kyle’s family whilst there, but I’ve been to my home-town only a handful of times since July!  Since we have NO IDEA where we will get stationed come December, we both felt it was important for me to move (…again) to my parents’ house in Paso Robles, CA until we get orders.

One of my favorite places near my hometown is a city called “San Luis Obispo” (or “SLO” for short).  My church is there, and most of my dearest friends live there.  I am so excited to spend my next 7 weeks in SLO and Paso, visiting so many people that have been there for me through the good times and the rough times.  I am so blessed to create a few more memories here before we move.  Who knows, we could even get stationed in Japan or somewhere far away.  I plan to make the most out of my time here since it may be awhile before I can visit again!