What a frustrating and emotional couple of days I have had.  When October left the scene and November took its place, I was so happy.  November meant Thanksgiving.  November meant colder weather and fun new Fall outfits.  November meant family time.  But most importantly, November meant Kyle.

On November first, Kyle’s first comment to me via text message read, “I can officially say that I get to see you THIS month!”  We spent the first 2 days of September with each other in Chicago, didn’t see one another at all in October, but had been planning to re-unite in November for Thanksgiving.  As soon as I got home from Kyle’s NAVY graduation in early September, I immediately counted the weeks till Turkey Day.  Eleven weeks away? That seemed like an eternity.  But having a countdown made the distance bearable.

Now Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away from Thursday and we’re not sure if we can spend it together.  This absolutely has broken my heart.


Since Kyle has a new contract with the NAVY and is currently in A-School in Texas, he will graduate December 21.  He then will be stationed somewhere and will get to live together!  That’s really exciting, but somewhat stressful.  You see, we have been putting all our extra cash into paying down debts, not savings.  Now that we will be living together in December (not June 2013, which was the plan last month), we have to SAVE our money for moving expenses, first month’s rent and a security deposit on a home.  If we see each other for Thanksgiving, it will set us back substantially in our finances.

My dad advised that we should just put this trip on our credit card and pay it off a little bit at a time over the coming months.  But that makes me extremely uncomfortable and I don’t have peace about it.  We have been working so hard to stay out of debt and trying to live an honest financial life that by mortgaging a trip for Thanksgiving I feel like we’d be taking several backwards steps.

Plus, seeing him only for three days may do more damage than good.  I cried almost the entire time I was with him in Chicago.  I hadn’t seen him for 9 weeks and missed him terribly but had gotten used to him not being around.  I finally felt like I found my place living my life without my husband nearby, then we had three full days together.  It was amazing to laugh and be in his presence, but it broke my heart to know that with every passing hour, I was closer to another goodbye.  I imagine Thanksgiving may do the same.  I would have 11 weeks of living without him under my belt, only to interrupt them with the deepest love one could imagine then follow those days with another goodbye until Christmas.

Maybe if we do the financially responsible thing by choosing not to see each other for Thanksgiving, it will make Christmas even better? Come December, we’ll be en route to live with each other!  With no interruptions for additional schooling or traveling in the near future.  Maybe it’s best to have separate Thanksgivings?  What’s four more weeks when we would have already had 11 living apart?  FIFTEEN WEEKS.  Gotta love heartbreak.

I’m so torn.  The only way I can see this happening is if people donate their airline miles, hotel points or money to us.  I don’t like feeling like a charity case though.  I know that God will reward us for being honest with our money, so we’ll see what happens.  Please pray that we’re strong enough to make it through November 22 without each other, or that God provides several miracles.