Okay guys, so I know that the title of this entry blows your mind cuz I’ve got mad rhyming skills.  But freak out with me for a minute, please! 

Only two more weeks till Kyle and I are reunited!  He is set to graduate from A-School in San Antonio, Texas in less than 2 weeks and will be flying out to California sometime two weeks from today!

It’s been such a long separation for us.  I have so much respect for the wives who’ve put in more time separated from their military men than I have, and my heart goes out to them.  I know that my sailor and I will have more seasons of life that we will have to live apart from one another, but for right now I am so glad that this six months of living separately will be ending in weeks.  Weeks!

Now for the planning to begin.  We somehow need to get our stuff out of the storage unit in North Carolina.  Apparently, when sailors are finishing up their A-Schools, they take a couple classes to learn about all the different ways that your stuff can be moved to you and how to fill out the appropriate paperwork in order to make that happen.  Well, if Kyle were to take those classes he would be set back 3 weeks.  And who wants that?! Not this girl!

So my husband has mailed to me a Power of Attorney and I should have it in my hands any day now.  At which point, I plan to make the drive to (…beautiful?) Lemoore, California since that base is huge and closer to my parent’s home than San Diego.  I have a whole host of questions to ask a few different people in regards to how to get our stuff.  And this anchorwife is hopeful to fill out all necessary paperwork without my sailor with me (that’s why I will need that handy dandy Power of Attorney).  I will report everything back on this site once I have learned valuable information.

Have any of you amazing military wives had an experience similar to ours in regards to moving?

I’m in California, my sailor is in Texas and our stuff is in storage in North Carolina.  We’re thinking about doing a PPM (formally a DITY move) which would involve us flying or driving to North Carolina and personally moving our stuff.  I don’t know how comfortable I am with the NAVY rollin’ up to our storage unit and loading everything we own into a truck without our supervision…or if they can even do that without one of us there to sign papers?

If you have any advice or information, please share! Thanks!