I have been wildly unfaithful to updating this blog.  I’m actually somewhat ashamed.  Writing has ALWAYS been a very therapeutic and creative outlet for me and the fact that I haven’t taken any time to channel all my energy into something so wonderful for my soul speaks to one overwhelmingly true statement about the current state of my life: I’m stressed out.

For the sake of my happiness, and the health of my body and my babies, I need to strive to set aside time and mental capacity to document this AMAZING season that God has blessed me with.  Honestly, this pregnancy has drastically changed my life and I feel almost saddened when I realize how fast it is flying by.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the symptoms associated with growing these tiny miracles have been downright ugly and unwelcomed (backne and swollen toes, anyone?) but I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

The purpose of this post (and the ones to soon follow) is to fill you guys in on some of the stuff I should have been posting along the way.  I won’t make any promises but I can tell you that truthfully, my goal is to update this blog at least once a week until my sweet twinsies enter this world.

We Know The Babies Genders!

Kyle and I had planned originally to have the ultrasound tech write down the genders on a piece of paper and not tell us, so that we could mail the paper to my sister and she could surprise us at our “Genders Revealed Party.”  But on the way to the ultrasound appointment, we were both too excited to be able to sit there through the screening and not find out.  So the doctor told us the twins’ genders and we decided that we would surprise everyone else at the party, including my sister (she wasn’t too happy to find out that she would have to wait like everyone else!).

Our friends Amanda and Chris graciously hosted our party in their super cute backyard in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA.  Very many people that we love dearly were able to come and join us in celebrating our little babies.  My sweet friend Christina took some pictures for us to highlight the adorable party details:

Our guests were asked to publically display what their vote was on the twins’ genders by writing their names on this beautifully deigned (thank you, Louie!) chalkboard.  Then, they had to choose 2 clothespins and wear them displayed on their outfits to show how they were voting (boy/boy, boy/girl or girl/girl).

The guests were rather attractive and very excited to find out what the babies’ genders would be.

When the time came for us to announce the genders of our twins, we gathered all the guests around us and my sister read a poem that she had written for the occasion.  It was a sweet and funny moment.  I plan to have that poem framed in the nursery.

Finally it was the time to open up those bags and show everyone ”Baby A’s” gender:



Now for Baby B:


We’re having twin girls!

Out of all the guests that came, only three people guessed that both babies were girls! Good job Howie, Katie and Dan (soon-to-be-grandpa-again)!

And here’s a final fun pic that had to make the online album.  Gotta love these ladies.

This event was such a fun way to start the celebrating of our baby girls.  I still catch my self saying “before the baby comes” or “my baby is due in October” and then shake my head and immediately yell out multiple times, “BABIES!” like someone with Turret Syndrome.  But now, I can refer to these babies as “my daughters.”  What a sweet revelation.  Kyle and I are expecting girls.  What an adventure this will be!