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When my husband enlisted in the US NAVY, the course of our family was forever changed.  I had millions of questions.  Millions.  After asking many recruiters, naval instructors, wives and moms my endless list of inquiries, I became disheartened.  One person would tell me one thing, and I’d turn around and hear something completely different from someone else.  So, like you, I turned to the internet.

In my quest to get a good idea of what my life would look like as a NAVY wife, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for online.  I wanted to find a site I could trust that would tell me their NAVY story from the very beginning without too much military jargon and too many military acronyms since that gets really intimidating really fast.  I needed to find a site that offered hope to new NAVY families, but more specifically, a site that was genuinely helpful to NAVY wives; one that could assist them in figuring out the new dynamics and logistics of leading their lives and families differently.  How do you transition from a civilian family to a military one?  What will my marriage look like now?  When will I get my first letter from him?  Or where the heck will I be living after my husband is done with Basic Training?

I’ve started something online that I believe will be helpful to many other NAVY wives just starting out.

Since my quest to find a site that could give me a real glimpse into NAVY life proved to be mostly fruitless, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. Here’s my project. I will document my experiences honestly as they unfold. From finances to moving, boot camp to deployment and civilian to sailor, I will offer what I learn as I learn it, to you.

I intend to use this site to honestly display my experiences with military life as they happen – not overly romantic and not overly dramatic.  I’ve never been a NAVY wife before so please give me grace since this may get messy.  I hope that as I figure some of the details out that you’ll get a kick out of my journeys and maybe even be encouraged as you begin your own.


I promise to be honest and vulnerable, even when it’s not pretty.  I don’t think I’ll ever have all the kinks ironed out for you, but I can offer you my NAVY stories and whatever info and advice I find valuable along the way.

I further commit to reply in a timely manner to any prayer requests and questions that you may have in regards to becoming a NAVY wife.  I may not have an answer to whatever you may be wondering, but I will try my best to send you in the right direction if I personally can’t offer appropriate assistance.

Please see the May-Day! page to get some prayer and some NAVY wife assistance.

Special Welcome

If you are a US NAVY wife or will soon be one, please feel especially welcomed on this website.  Thank you very much for your service.  Your sailor is NOT the only one in your family that serves and it probably will not take you very long to have that revelation.  If you’re looking for advice, answers, support, or inspiration, I sincerely hope that you find what you’re searching for here.

With all the uncertainties in your life as a NAVY wife, may this site be a safe harbor for you.


Heads Up

Even though the NAVY will now dictate my family’s locations on this globe, it will not be the only thing I write about. Being a proud NAVY wife is only one facet of my identity. By visiting this site, you will be exposed to my faith in Jesus, my marriage and family, my political views, my educated opinions on food and fitness, attempts at home projects, and sassy humor. You will encounter PG-rated vocabulary. You will not find any apologies for my passions or opinions, nor will you find apologies for my messy emotions. You will not find a woman with all her ducks in a row since the NAVY shot them all.