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Meet Kyle

NAVY Career

Aviation Ordinance

After placing really high on the ASVAB (the military aptitude test), my husband enlisted in the NAVY as an “Aviation Ordinanceman” which pretty much meant that he would be testing guns, bombs and ammunition, and then would load it onto various NAVY ships, helicopters, and other machines. This career path seemed intriguing to him because he heard that being a part of “Aviation” meant he was a part of a huge family. Apparently Aviation jobs were really fun and “aviation takes care of their own.” And it seemed like every sailor with that specific job (“A.O.” as they called it) was stoked on their lives. My husband was excited about A.O., and we were anxious for him to start Boot Camp.

Aviation Rescue Swimmer

My husband’s recruiter mentioned to him casually one day that by the end of boot camp he would need to be able to pass a difficult fitness test in order to stay in Aviation Ordinance. However, if he could pass that test prior to boot camp he could get promoted to special operations (“spec ops”) and get a new contract as a NAVY Aviation Rescue Swimmer. That interested my husband for a few reasons. First, Kyle’s a natural athlete and that simple sentence from his recruiter challenged him and he immediately decided that he could pass that physical test without too much training. Second, the words “promoted” and “spec ops” sounded attractive to him. And third, he would get a new contract and an enlistment bonus if he went that route. After some training, he officially got the contract with spec ops and went off to Great Lakes for Basic Training.

Master at Arms

While in Basic Training, he was informed that he would need to stay in Great Lakes after his August graduation up to 5 months since he needed a spec-ops medical waiver before he could start his training for Aviation Rescue Swimming in Pensacola, Florida. After some serious thoughts and three months of waiting, he decided to switch jobs. He re-classed into Master at Arms. He is now in San Antonio, Texas where he is completing his training.